Iain Duncan Smith book – “Everything I Know About Poverty”


Back in the day, there was an LP released – “The Wit & Wisdom Of Ronald Reagan”, which consisted of a completely blank disc…and is nevertheless said to have sold 30,000 copies !

I guess it was only a matter of time before the idea came around again, with the  loathsome IDS  as the target. And this time its a book, not a record.

Available on Amazon, the description reads –

Over 90 blank pages of IDS’s wisdom on the subject of poverty. Individual empty chapters have amusing headings, such as “Making £53 per week work” and “Food banks explained“. The pages are neatly lined for use as a notebook. This book proves that there is absolutely nothing in the mind of Iain Duncan Smith, that can be disputed, where poverty is concerned. Nothing at all.


A reviewer has taken the ball and run with…

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